Scenic design for the "USHERETTES" The basic set is a 4-sided platform with one end much wider than the other. At the wide end was a 7 foot high screen on which the main events were shown, at the other was a powerful
16mm cine projector with a 10mm lens- (i.e. very wide angle). The platform rotated on rings (pink) that allowed a power cable to the central point where there was a slip ring that fed a 240-v supply to a rotating socket for the
projectors on the platform. Also on the platform was a stack of 3 16mm projectors that gave a conjoined image onto Side 2

Large scale interpretations - The Brittonnioni Brothers, a larger than life Polaroid montage. For the 'Theatre of Animation' exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall 2011.

And 'Desmond and Dorothy' with "Wildly I dribbled on a high rock". The step ladder performance on a back drop of Desmond's poems and one by Dorothy.

Theatrical Property – Dolly the parrot from the Colour of Nonsense 2012. designed and made by Penny Saunders. As the side-kick of Scuro, Dolly at first seems to be a cleaver but simple string puppet operated by Scuro. However once the audience is lulled in to this situation Dolly speaks with out assistance? This is achieved with a simple radio controlled solenoid operation a hinged beak. The rest of Dolly is robust wooden engineering built for the rigors of a touring show and easy to repair on the road. A parallel two-part connection between
the top and bottom of the body give the restless parrot side to side movement. A furniture castor in the head gives two movements to the parrot: castor swivel, the head turns; wheel rotation, the beak opens and closes. Finally there is a simple pulley system to operate hinged wings.

Street theatre - Walking device from The Great British Square Dance ‘created by Simon Britton. Proving durability and surviving the test of time this piece was originally made in the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee 1977 and was last performed on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012. Designed in detail and tested by Simon who applied for a patent covering the invention of a new walking device.

With a wealth of experience in touring stage shows and street theatre Forkbeard design provide a wide ranging service from creative concepts to practical construction. Including; use of film in scenic design, automata, puppets, stage sets and street theatre paraphernalia.
Scenic Design & Theatrical Property