This course covers not only the fundamentals of capture and transfer, importing, management, basic editing and outputting but also the finer details of special effects, keying, image manipulation and the principles of digital compositing. Using material generated by the students themselves, the course guarantees that you will leave confident of editing future work on any professional platform, be it Avid, Final Cut or Premier. 3 day course - £750

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New Courses

We are now offering new courses in film, video, editing, lighting and animation. Theses courses are constructed to suit single or group users, schools and colleges on an arrangement basis. Just tell us which skills you would like to explore (and for how many) and we will design the course to suit your needs. Below are just a few of the areas we specialise in. Contact us at


A 3 day course in the Art and Science of Digital Compositing. The course covers the digital representation of visual information, formats, basic manipulation, mattes and masks, geometric transformations, temporal manipulation, tracking and stabilising, dust busting and much more. Using material both provided for them and generated by the students themselves, the course guarantees that you will leave confident of compositing future work on Nuke, Shake or equivalent professional compositing platforms. 3 day course - £750


A hands on 2 day course in the principles and creative skills needed for filming for both single and multi camera. The course covers terminology, lanterns and fixtures, rigging and plotting, light modifiers, camera modifiers, colour temperature and filters, gobos and cookies, and lighting for interviews, food, packshots and drama. The course guarantees that you will leave confident of lighting for numerous and varied situations in future work. 2 day course - £550