'I first started working with Forkbeard in the mid seventies as lighting technician and occasional performer. Later I trained as a cameraman, then as lighting cameraman and then as a lighting designer, lighting director and director of photography.

In the early eighties I co-founded the production company After Image, which after several pop promos for such people as diverse as Adam and the Ants, the Residents and Stiff Little fingers, was commissioned by the newly formed Channel 4 to produce their weekly Arts slot, Alter Image. This was a radical departure for arts programming as there was no presenter and each episode comprised stand-alone items made especially for television. After several series the company went on to produce other arts programmes including operas, a series with the band Pookiesnackenburger (now known as Stomp) and a music strand for BBC 2.

Since then I have worked on many programmes, from Bremner, Bird and Fortune to TFI Friday, from Newsnight to Julian Clary - and continue to do so.  However, thankfully, over all that time I have never stopped being involved with Forkbeard projects, especially on the production side.'


People & Skills: Robin Thorburn