I have worked as a designer and project manager for the past 25 years specialising in interiors. I’m really new to Forkbeard having worked with them for just the past 2 years. When I first moved to the West Country 18 years ago I feared that I had moved to a cultural desert. But this was dispelled when seeing some strange goings on in a country lane (filming for barbers of Surreal) and discovering Forkbeard's studios right on my door step. I knew then I had to get to know these people and have been stalking Forkbeard ever since. The first Forkbeard project I worked on was the London Exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall  2011, creating large scale graphic interpretations of past theatrical characters such as The Brittonioni Brothers & Desmond & Dorothy (blood, sweet & beers). Since then I’ve worked on the 2012 Animated Exeter outdoor projection show ‘Evolumental’ (Green man, photoshop & revolving projectors), the Pliosaur intestine film for the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival (cold pasta & smelly fish), Performed the Great British Square Dance (rain, cider & Unit 4) and finally helped build and pilot, as Corporal Starboard, the Wind Vessel in ‘Battle for the Winds’ part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad (bottom crack & lime lycra jump suit). I have also had the great pleasure of being involved in various Forkbeard school and college workshops, discovering the reward and joy of inspiring others to be creative, a key element of Forkbeard’s work.

Although my professional skills are based around design & project management, I can't help but get involved in every aspect of Forkbeards work, whether its making the tea, designing the web site, making or performing. It is the overriding passion for creative innovation that is most important to me. Good Art and Design whether it be sound, film, performance or sculpture should demonstrate and invoke the human instinct for discovery and invention.


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