Performer and sound wizard Ed Joined in 1987.

As an integral and versatile member of the Forkbeard team since the late
1980’s, he has been involved as a performer, technician, maker, and in the education side. His experience of running and facilitating workshops and residencies includes Film-making and Animation, demonstrating performance techniques for live interaction with the moving image, sculpture and model-making, the construction of miniature and oversized film sets and the creation of sound for stage, films and installations. Skilled in the use of video projectors, media playback systems and in the mechanics and technology of Forkbeard’s Peepshow Boxes and Installations, he is also a visual artist, animator specializing in Pixillation, film editor and performer, often operating sound and film projection from onstage at the same time as performing. He has worked with young and old, beginners to experienced practitioners across the whole range of these skills.


People & Skills: Ed Jobling