Illustrations - The Fall of the House of Usherettes comic, a 12 page A3 colour comic telling the story illustrated and written by Tim Britton.
Brochures and Programmes - Shooting Shakespeare a 4 layer peep through brochure for the Forkbeard show and Invisible Bonfires, a peep through box programme. (Brochures designed by Tim Clegg)

Large scale interpretations - The Brittonnioni Brothers, a larger than life Polaroid montage. For the 'Theatre of Animation' exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall 2011.

And 'Desmond and Dorothy' with "Wildly I dribbled on a high rock". The step ladder performance on a back drop of Desmond's poems and one by Dorothy.

Posters - combining clear and precise communication with eye catching imagery all our designs capture the magic and promote the event or show.


"The Leak", illustrations for the story.

From Photoshop to hand drawn illustrations Forkbeard produce in-house graphic designs for postcards and posters to large scale interpretations for exhibitions and museums. With Penny Saunder's background in graphic design and a desire to retain artistic control Forkbeard have always designed the publicity material for shows and events. Combined with Tim Britton's illustrations Forkbeard have evolved a distinctive style of presentation which embodies the Forkbeard ethos of experimentation and innovation.