"Mesmerizing Magic." The Independent
"As if Tim Burton were directing a film by Jacques Tati." The Independent
“The Brittonioni Brothers”
( 1986 onwards)
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It all started with Tim & Chris’s father Jim, a film-maker himself, watching him making and editing from childhood. The first film in a Forkbeard show was a 16mm stop-frame animation called “Could a Whale Fly?” which Tim made with Jim on his Bolex camera. We showed it in “The Clone Show” 1979. Tim did a live commentary, talking at the animated characters, while sitting with the projector in the front row.
There’s a lot more about all this and other aspects of FF’s film work in other parts of the website:
Forkbeard’s fabulous brylcremed jet-setting avant-garde film director alter-egos took Forkbeard Films all across the world to delighted audiences in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Greece, France, Italy and so on…

Forkbeard have been making films and animations since the 1970s as stand-alone shorts, parts of exhibitions, for TV, or on stage in their live theatre shows  exploring their celebrated technique of "Crossing the Celluloid Divide". There are also the numerous more recent Animation commissions.