Forkbeard have been making films for over 30 years as stand-alone items, part of exhibitions or on stage to explore their celebrated technique of "Crossing the Celluloid Divide".
Famed for the use of animated creatures, puppets and wild mechanical sets in their theatre shows, Forkbeard have always given an extended life to their inventions through exhibitions and installations. We also create special themed exhibitions for museums, galleries and arts centre venues.
Many of the contraptions, sculptures, people and creatures are mechanical, string-operated, or activated by switches, buttons, pressure mats or proximity sensors. Exhibitions can include demonstration models, peep-shows, 16mm film loops and digital media of many types. A Forkbeard Exhibition is always an interactive and fully immersive experience which can explain complicated concepts and facts with good humour and fun, a vital combination for the imparting of knowledge.
Animation has always been at the heart of Forkbeard and appears regularly in shows, events and cinema.
From large scale outdoor events to miniature intallations Forkbeard continue to break boundaries in live projection techniques.
For further information about Forkbeard's use of film in their work please click here.
For further information about Forkbeard's use of animation in their work please click here.
“A glorious, image-juggling, myth-bending feast for eyes and brain” The EVENING STANDARD
“Mesmerizing magic” The INDEPENDENT
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