The brothers very first shows were, however, hardly unsettling for the theatrical cognoscenti


IIn 1974, the year of the Miner's strike, the Three Day Week and the Watergate Affair, brothers Tim and Chris Britton decided to try their hands at forming an experimental theatre company. Chris, having studied drama at ??? had been heavily influenced by new theatrical forms such as those of Grotowski, the Living Theatre, ???? which in tjheir own way traced a path back to the happenings and events of the Dada and Surrealist movements. Tim's interest in animation and film making, inspired by his father, and his love of the Absurd such as Lewis Carrol and ???? provided plenty of ammunition to aim ats proscenium arch theatre and it's sacred fourth wall. What Forkbeard and many of its peers did in the 1970s was to gradually infiltrate mainstream theatre and change it forever. What Forkbeard added to the pot was outlandish, new and often controversial.

Archive 1974-6