“While The Great War was being prepared in one the Arches’ performance spaces, next door British company Forkbeard Fantasy was entrancing people with its Living Installation. The fruits of a week-long winter project with various students of live art, it was a fascinating and humorous cornucopia of performance ideas.
Entering the space one is immediately hit by the constant whirr of almost antediluvian projectors. As various people moved around in character, we also see them represented on film. Someone is projected in Tom Thumb scale on a tiny piece of suspended paper, while the heads of others are seen through water, their faces captured inside jars.
Meanwhile, a wonderfully conceived combination of projected film and live performance sees characters come in and out of doors, their real life physical movement tying into the events appearing on the sheet suspended between the doors. From the black box where audience members stand before a sheet of glass and absorb an atmospheric game of lights, mirrors and live action, to the sexually deviant janitor with fag hanging from his mouth, the whole thing is wonderfully creative, and quite, quite mad.”
Scotsman 19 Feb 2003

New Territories

A two week residency in the cavernous Arches under Central Station Glasgow working with a mix of artists and students mainly from The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama to create a flickering , whirring environment of magic, 16mm film. video and performance

Morecambe Dancing

30 young people from Lancaster and Morecambe College School of Art & Design, Morecambe High School, St Martins College and local community artists designed and created their perfect puppet dancing partners. The creators and creations strutted their stuff to music provided by Morecambe’s community jazz orchestra, Off The Rails. A sensational evening with footage of ‘behind the scene’ commotion and drama provided by Folly Pictures.

A Nuffield Theatre, The Platform, Lancaster City Council co-production
Universities & Colleges

As well as talks, demos and workshops and involvement in community projects like Battle for the Winds Forkbeard have undertaken residencies  culminating in spectacular special events. Below are 2 examples.