“What jumped out for me was the generosity and commitment of the Forkbeard staff to make sure the creative environment was inspirational and supportive to all our creative needs.”

We also run Summer Schools and courses which enable participants to explore the wild and diverse array of techniques, technologies and art forms used in Forkbeard’s multi-media stage, film and exhibition work, ranging from Film and Video, Animation, Prop-making and Performing.

The Forkbeard artists have assembled an astonishing array of skills by experimenting with new technologies and materials, mixing old and new media in weird and wonderful hybrid forms.

A collaborative or mentoring scheme can take place over any period of time. It might involve experimenting and familiarizing with new skills as well as finding ways of adapting them to your work.

Professional Development & Mentoring

As well as residential and non-residential courses, we often provide opportunities for individuals or a company to develop a project with support and guidance from the Forkbeard team as well as exclusive use of the studio and its wealth of resources.