We occasionally hire out individual pieces and some of the magnificent puppet creations (mostly designed and built by Penny Saunders) which feature in the Forkbeard Exhibition, last seen at The Royal Festival Hall : the life-size Unicorn, Miss Moody, The Shaking Hand, Captain Weird, The White Rabbit, The Crow, the quivering little Chien Andalou and many more.

In 2012 Tim Britton was commissioned by The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site to make a 5 minute cartoon explaining the 95 miles and 250 million years of The Jurassic Coast. As well as being on YouTube (click here) this film is regularly featured as an exhibit at the annual Fossil Festival in Lyme Regis.

Forkbeard’s Tim Britton and Penny Saunders have just created 5 new outdoor sculptures for the gardens at Durlston Country Park. These comprise a huge Snail Shell, a Bouncy Bird Table and Chairs, a Haunted Telescope, a Photo Opportunity of Durlston Beasts & Bugs and (coming soon) a sensory Braille Bird. For more info click here

“A glorious, image-juggling, myth-bending feast for eyes and brain” The EVENING STANDARD
“Mesmerizing magic” The INDEPENDENT

The "Insecurity Men" is a performance exhibit, written in body language and performed by Androids who respond and react, in an increasingly paranoid manner, to the movements of visitors in the room. Their last outing was to Huddersfield Museum.

"The Liquid Film Projector". Film is projected on to a series of automated water curtains, submerged screens and a large sheet of plate glass with water cascading over its surface. This installation has appeared at Exeter Phoenix and Taunton Brewhouse, also in a disused abattoir in Chalon-sur-Saone, and on the main stage of The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in The Complete Works Festival commission “Rough Magyck”.


Three interactive peepshow boxes, commissioned by Dorset County Council for Durlston Country Park, Swanage, were created for the National Lottery Award-winning visitor centre at Durlston Castle . For more information click here

We specialize in making one-off commissioned exhibits, models and sculptures for a wide range of clients these days. These range from  museum vignettes, boxes with miniature animated worlds you peer into, mechanical gadgets and automated puppets to larger outdoor sculptures for gardens and play areas or Penny Saunders’ full size Greek Temple that sways in the wind.

We are well known for providing innovative and entertaining ways of interpretation and so, in the process, helping to attract whole new audiences and age groups.

Our famous “Cabinet of Curiosities” (part of the permanent collection at Lyme Regis Museum) has no less that 10 individual vignettes and interactive elements exploring The Jurassic Coast  - magnifiers, a monster movie, a headland you can open like a book and feel the fossils, a film you watch whilst lying on the floor underneath the table.

We are currently building two interactive vignettes for Torquay Museum – one exploring the geology of the Geopark, the other exploring forensic techniques used on a 35,000 year old human jawbone found in nearby Kent’s Cavern.

We’ve worked on three separate commissions across 7 years in collaboration with The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site Team, Lyme Regis Museum and Dorset County Council on interactive exhibits, theatre shows and films.

"The Cabinet of Curiosities" has had several forays along the Dorset Coast, visiting various museums, visitor centres and returning each year to the annual Fossil Festival, sometimes in its own marquee and sometimes in the Lyme Museum - which is the Cabinet's main headquarters for most of each year. For more information click here.

Mechanical Exhibits & Interactive Models