Two more recent (outdoor) exhibits for Durlston Country Park: the Haunted Telescope and the Snail Shell.
The Cabinet of Curiosities

“Every home, museum and school should have one” Rebekah Higgitt, Science Curator at The National Maritime Museum.


“A Geology Degree in a Box” Aberystwyth University

The third is a Peepshow Interactive where the viewer finds they have become a vast mutant Great Green Grasshopper terrorizing the visitors to the nature reserve.

The three working vignettes contributed in no small way to Durlston being awarded 2012 National Lottery Award.

Another is a “What The Birdwatchers Saw”, a cartoon whistle-stop journey round the cliffs and fields and woods of Durlston seen from the point of views of mother, daughter and dog. These three films that you watch through inset binocular eye-pieces record the multitude of birds, plants, insects and reptiles that live there, alongside more humorous encounters with other humans and their dogs.

The piece is remarkable for the sheer wealth of educational and scientific information, displays and interactive elements in one compact moveable cabinet.

It is now in its fifth year and has undergone only two easily fixable technical problems in that time which bears testament to the robustness of the structure and the high quality technology and electronics inside..

The Cabinet of Curiosities was commissioned by with The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site Team and Dorset County Council in 2008 and mostly resides at Lyme Regis Museum.
The research and development process involved close collaboration and consultation with scientists Richard Edmonds, Sam Scriven and Professor Denys Brunsden, along with Dr Sam Rose and David Tucker.

The Cabinet, very like the three Vignettes for Torquay, was designed to be moveable, and has been off on several forays along the Dorset coast, visiting various museums, visitors centres and returning each year to the annual Fossil Festival, sometimes in its own marquee, sometimes in the Lyme Museum - which is the Cabinet’s main headquarters for most of each year.

In 2010 we were commissioned by Durlston Country Park in Swanage, in conjunction with Dorset County Council and The Jurassic Coast Team to create three interactive ‘peepshows’ for the refurbishment and development of Durlston Castle into their new Visitors Centre.
We proposed several ideas with a view to honing them down to the allotted three final pieces in consultation with Durlston Rangers, DCC and Jurassic Team members.



One is a mechanical Diorama, "The Chase", representing the Jurassic landscape with its creatures, great and small, of sea, land and air, all in hot pursuit of one another in a dog-eat-dog, red of tooth and claw scenario, complete with integral sounds and lighting.

Durlston Country Park, Swanage.